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What to Expect

Upon arrival for treatment Oren will discuss with you your medical history. It is important to have a detailed medical history in order to provide an accurate diagnosis. According to Chinese medicine there is importance to all aspects of life including diet and lifestyle so a holistic understanding of the patient’s condition can be achieved. Specific Chinese Medicine examinations will also be used to make a diagnosis.  Pulse taking, observing the tongue, and palpating the abdomen will also be used to come to a clear diagnosis.  After completing the intake and coming up with a diagnosis, we can begin treatment. In an acupuncture treatment sterile painless disposable needles will be inserted into specific points. This procedure is not painful. Most patients report that they feel heat sensations, tingling or just the presence of the needle. Once all the needles are inserted most patients will have a very strong sense of well being as well as being very relaxed. The needles stay in place for about 20 minutes and then removed. There is no scaring.

The treatment may include recommendations regarding dietary and lifestyle changes, breathing techniques, cupping, bodywork and bone-setting as seems suitable.

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