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With over 15 years of study and clinical experience spanning China, Thailand and the United States, Oren has developed a blend of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Thai massage, and bone-setting skills into an all encompassing, patient-centered medicine.

Oren is a graduate of the Masters of Acupuncture program at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and nationally certified to practice acupuncture. He spent 6 years in discipleship with one of the last living masters of northern style Thai Massage, Pichest Boonthume, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He has spent time studying and working in Chengdu, China and in apprenticeship with renowned doctors in the NY area.

Oren is committed to ever continuing his education in Chinese medicine and the healing arts.

With the aim of constantly evolving treatment to better serve his patients, he feels honored to be able to share this wonderfully effective medicine with people around the world.  

Achieve a reconnection to your body which will leave you calm of mind, rejuvenated, energetic, and pain free.

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